Purina established the world's first pet research institute in the United States in 1926 and is recognized as a leader in its industry responsible for the nutrition and happiness of pets through continued investment in research and development. To date, we have the world's largest pet research institute in the United States and France, with more than 5,000 experts working in R&D in 27 countries, with 2,500 approved patents for pet impacts.


Purina's most important consideration when choosing an infrastructure was scalability and ease of operation. Purina's new service made it difficult to accurately predict infrastructure usage, and the lack of IT staff required to reduce operational burden as much as possible. Therefore, IDC was considered, but not cost-efficient. So Purina considered Public Cloud and finally selected Amazon Web Service that can meet scalability and ease of operation.

Purina stored the personal information of members because of the service, so it was necessary to comply with local laws and improve application security. So Purina needed security architecture that was AWS-specific, and decided to make AWS services, instead of 3rd-party solution.


LDCC has decided to utilize AWS services as much as possible for the AWS-specific security architecture required by Purina. So, LDCC first identified the requirements of compliance and then categorized the areas that need action. (Network, System, Data, Access Control, Monitoring)

Built a Security Group, IPS, and WAF to protect its internal infrastructure. Access control for EC2 and RDS, which stores personal information, has established Bastion Host and DB Access Control. And Inspector set to run every 30 days for major application servers to manage vulnerabilities. For data protection, used AWS KMS to encrypt personal information, and built AWS monitoring using AWS CloudTrail, GuardDuty, and Elastic Search to track AWS account activity and activity on resource access.


Purina chose AWS to build the service, which eliminated unnecessary costs. In addition, it is possible to operate and develop at the same time in the development environment, thus speeding up work and responding quickly to changes.
In addition to reducing their security costs by about 30% compared to on premises, they were able to apply even stronger security. This was made possible by using AWS services such as AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Key Management System, Inspector, Patch Manager, GuardDuty rather than 3rd security solution.




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